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Book Dragon by Silvre
Book Dragon
Done for my friend's birthday, who once told me she would love a picture of a Dragon who hoarded books instead of gold. :)
Family Tree Preview - WIP - updated 7-7-16 by Silvre
Family Tree Preview - WIP - updated 7-7-16
So this is a preview of a HUGE work in progress I will be working on for the next...however long it takes me to complete - there are over 80 people in this family tree, which mainly consists of Lord Oberon, Lady Titania and their children and grandchildren.

Let me know if you have any questions about the characters in particular, I'm happy to answer. :)

1/3/15 - updated with the first complete set of twins, Erion and Rya.
7/9/15 - Sorry if you got double notifications, DA is weird. Updated with Rirea's mother, Talla. Also, princesses Sombra and Welu.
8/2/15 - Updated with new characters Rorael (father of Oberon); and the last of the 7 daughters of Oberon, Selva and Maeve. Also updated Lucien and Titania's hair colors to be more of a honey-blonde instead of being so yellow.
6/22/16 - Whoa, it's almost been a whole year since I uploaded any updates D8 Added some more of the Princes: Reth, Lyos, and Kor (twins of Welu, Emalia and Lehlo respectively). Only 3 more brothers to go!
7/7/16 - Added Riad, Terren, and Zan! All the brothers and sisters (in this generation anyway) are done!
Brothers and Sisters by Silvre
Brothers and Sisters
Wooooo I finally finished Oberon and Titania's children! Here's a comparison in art between them, 2010 vs 2016.

The first 6 sets of children of Oberon and Titania were all twins. Oberon's father was a Celestial Knight, and Titania's mother is a pure-blood Fae. These unique bloodlines, mixed with the already magically-endowed blood of the Elves, gave Oberon and Titania's children very unique abilities corresponding with the Elements (water, fire, earth, stone, air, lightning). The last two children, Maeve and Zan, were a little different. Maeve took on Fae qualities, and is in line to be the next Fae Queen after her Grandmother. Zan, named Alandir at birth, was kidnapped by Demons and saved by the High Dragonclan, who raised him for the first fifteen years of his life. Drinking Dragon's milk gave him unusually keen memory and as a physical side effect, Dragon-like eyes.

I'm working on coming up with short bios for all of them, so stay tuned....
Coppertone Ad Featuring Aubrey by Silvre
Coppertone Ad Featuring Aubrey
:iconphobos-romulus:'s pirate character Aubrey and the pesky seagull Froley in a parody of the classic Coppertone ad.

Hope you like it, bro! ;)
Vanity Thy Name is Mermaid by Silvre
Vanity Thy Name is Mermaid
Then up there came a mermaiden
A comb and glass, all in her hand
"Here's a health to you, my merry young men
For you'll not see dry land again" - Sir Patrick Spens, by Fairport Convention

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  • Listening to: Sorrow About to Fall - ELO
  • Reading: Morning Star - Pierce Brown
  • Watching: Sleepy Hollow
  • Playing: Card Crawl
  • Eating: Pei Wei
  • Drinking: Mango juice
[Just looking at my "listening to...reading..." list. How long has it been since I posted a journal?!]

In other news, I opened up a Redbubble shop! Designs not on my DeviantArt page are there. Check it out here:…

Looking for something custom? I also do commissions!


United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Kazuma Kuwabara
Personal Quote: "Don't you know that in the service you must always choose the lesser of two weevils?"

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